It’s not just perfect, it’s Pinterest Perfect!

Pinterest is a social network allowing individuals to ‘pin’ or ‘store’ their pictures in different categories e.g. ‘Dream House’ or ‘Ideal Kitchen’. The Co-Founder of Pinterest Ben Silbermann branded Pinterest is a “catalogue of ideas”, little did he know that Pinterest is now the most popular wedding planning tool in the US.

Brides can collect ideas for their wedding and ‘pin’ them onto a board. It’s no more ‘Oh I saw something the other day but I can’t find it any more’. Let’s be honest, the bookmark function on Internet Explorer or Google Chrome does not look as pretty as a Pinterest board, where all of ideas are presented right in front of you!

Pinterest has 17 million users 2 years after it launched, the majority of them are users based in the US. In the UK, Pinterest is still a growing phenomenon. At Mission Tie the Knot, we think that Pinterest is the number 1 tool for all women, who may or may not be engaged yet, for you to gather your ideas for your big day. We know many ladies who have started collecting ideas before they are engaged! Our Co-Founder, Irene, had a Pinterest board called ‘MY DREAM WEDDING’ long before she got engaged! Oh dear!

If you don’t know how to use it, here we go:

1. Sign up using Facebook log in – This literally takes 2 clicks and you’re signed up and ready to pin.

2. Start following topics of your interest, ah hem, WEDDINGS!!!

3. Create your own board! If you don’t want anyone else to see it, make the board ‘private‘ so only you can see it and no one will know you are secretly planning your wedding! Us modern women are so efficient, we don’t need to have met our Prince Charming yet before we start our wedding planning, these two missions can happen side by side.

4. Don’t forget to follow us ‘duh’!

That’s it! Isn’t it easy!


This is a good example of Pinterest Perfect! Picture by Elton Mogg Photography


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