How much to spend on a wedding gift? Six ways to help you decide

Ahhh, the agony of deciding how much to spend on a wedding gift! How much is everyone else spending? There are lots of things to consider when making this decision! We have six ways to help you decide. We won’t tell you the exact number that you need to spend on a wedding gift for your friend. The truth is, there is no one amount which fits all, but we have established some ways to help you decide!

1. Don’t leave it too late to look at the Wedding Gifts Registry

If the couple are using a registry take a look at it as early as you can. See how many presents are within your price range. Don’t leave it so late that only the really expensive stuff is left! No doubt the happy couple will put a good range on the list, from a set of teaspoons to a coffee machine, the trick is look at the average price, this should help you. Also, even though some of the things on the list are not to your taste remember these gifts were chosen by the couple so you know they want them!

2. How much are you already spending on the wedding?

It is so easy to lose track of how much you spend when attending a wedding, particularly if you are attending the hen party which can be a major budget explosion and travelling to the wedding venue etc. Try to take a look at all of your costs before you splash out on a big gift, it may surprise you how much it adds up!

Just in case, here are a few things you may have forgotten: transport to the wedding including, flights/taxi’s/train fare/car hire, wedding gift, hen party costs wild night out/transport/meals/activities, new wedding outfit/shoes/bag/hat (though the couple never ask you to do this, it is easy to feel the pressure of needing a new outfit), hotels, evening drinks if no open bar, suit hire, baby sitter costs. The list goes on…

If a couple are getting married somewhere remote or far away they will understand if you economize on the gift! Some couples don’t even ask for a gift in these circumstances. Then you are off the hook!

3. Is the wedding venue super fancy?

Couples who go to a fancy and extravagant venue for their wedding have a higher expectations for their gifts. Though you didn’t ask the couple or bride’s parents to fund a lavish party it is still a nice way to show your appreciation for all of the effort that has gone into planning the day. If you normally do around £35 for a wedding gift, perhaps proportionally increasing this number if you are attending a more fancy wedding.EXHE387G69.jpg

4. You should give proportional to how many of you are attending the wedding?

This may seem like an obvious point but couple invited to a wedding often forget it. If you are both attending the wedding you should be doubling the amount that you spend on your gift. This is easy to forget this when it is usually only one of you that physically purchases the gift. The cost per person for a wedding is often astronomical, bear this in mind.

This also applies when you are attending a wedding in a big family group, just because Mum and Dad are getting the present on behalf of the family this doesn’t stop you from putting some money towards it! No such thing as a free meal!

5. Gifts or cash?

‘We don’t need another toaster!’

Let’s face it, nowadays engaged couples have already lived together for years. They are already stocked with pots, pans and toasters. So instead, they ask for cash contribution towards their honeymoon
and some even send you a picture of them enjoying your contribution and thank you once again so you don’t feel like your money has just disappeared! There is always that little twinge of annoyance when people just ask for money but there is always a good reason. Maybe they have spent all of their money on the wedding and want a nice honeymoon or are even saving up to buy a home. Don’t judge, just give.

If a couple ask for cash, think about how much would pay for a nice dinner where they are going for honeymoon and then divide it by two. This is how much you should pay. For example, a decent dinner in London is around £80, then expect to contribute £40 per person.

If a couple ask for gifts, choose something that is meaningful to you and to your friends who are getting married. A price tag on it does not really matter as long as they know the reason that you have chosen that gift and is a sentimental one.

6. You could go empty handed!

It is not something that we recommend, but etiquette says that you don’t necessarily need to be bearing gifts to a wedding! It is optional. However, beware of the consequences if you come empty handed. If you want to maintain a good friendship with the happy, we would recommend that you get a gift, no matter how small it is.


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