How to Cancel a Wedding – realistic and uplifting advice

Yet again my favourite blog A Practical Wedding has hit the nail on the head. This article, handles the reality of something which most women would consider truly terrifying: to cancel a wedding.

Having spoken to other brides faced with planning, family and love drama before their weddings, many have said that no matter how bad it got they never seriously considered cancelling their wedding. For most women the perceived humiliation of cancelling a wedding weighs heavier than entering into a wrong marriage for the rest of their lives. Suddenly the admin involved is so important and the fear of confronting this makes the idea dismissed all too easily. Isn’t it odd how our priorities work?

This article states that there is life after cancelling a wedding. If this is the right decision your relief will far outweigh the discomfort. Also, don’t let the big black cloud of logistics force you into rushing one of the biggest decisions of your life.

Planning your wedding may feel like a one way trip with no alternative ending than saying ‘I do’ but remember this is your choice and your life – everyone else will get over it! 

I hope this helps any of you out there who are having doubts.

Francesca xxx

Co-founder of Mission Tie the Knot


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