5 Things To Remember When Searching For Your Perfect Wedding Dress


One of the most exciting ‘chores’ of planning your wedding is the dress shopping! You walk into a room full of white dresses, sales assistants are friendly and smiley, your bridemaids and mother there helping you choosing a perfect dress, it is an unforgettable experience. 

We have spoken to brides and from my own experience, you should bear in mind the following:

1. Do not buy your the first dress you see straightaway

We know it is tempting! This is going to be your first time trying a white ball gown, you are going to look gorgeous! BUT please try not to  buy it straightaway! You can come back to it after trying on a few other dresses. This experience is precious and if you are going do it once, try as many on as you can! If the first one is meant to be, go back and get it! No harm done! 

2. Only YOUR opinion matters

When you bring your bridesmaids and family for a wedding dress session, they are likely to be opinionated! They might tell you that they don’t like ‘this’ or prefer ‘that’, but what they say really don’t matter at all! Take a second to tune everyone out and think about how the dress makes you feel regardless of what people are telling you. You need to be in something that you feel comfortable in, even if it is bright green and with odd length sleeves! Hey, you’ll be memorable!  If you cannot be yourself on your wedding: on the  first day of a life shared with your partner, there is no way
you are starting on the right foot.

3. Be opened minded- what could go wrong? 

I wanted a lace tightly fitted dress, I ended up buying a silk puffy princess dress from Caroline Castigliano! I am sure your Pinterest board is full of wedding dresses and have a very good idea about what you want. But you should try on a few that the store assistants suggest. They reallly are the experts! They have seen  so many women of all shapes and sizes try on wedding dresses. Try on different styles of dresses and you may be (pleasantly) surprised!

4. Sample Dresses- Beware! 

We appreciate that a sample dress may be cheaper and you absolutely love it! But take care with a sample dress. There is probably a reason why it is half price, inspect it carefully! Look at the colour.  You may think it’s off white or golden ivory, but it could just be over worn. The bridal shops would not sell a dress half of its price unless it is worth less than half of its price. If you have found your dream dress but it is discoloured or bearing a little damage and wear there are so many other ways you can get your dream dress for the same price AND it will be brand new! Trunk shows are great places for a bargain. There are also lots of Not so well known designers who have excellent designs using top range materials, but because they are still new, their prices are very reasonable!

5. Don’t forget your shoes, veil and the preferred hair do

You may not be thinking about shoes just yet, but it is very important to at least decide on how tall you want your heels be ( at least have them for your dress length fitting). Also, do you want a veil? If you really want one, some dresses are just not made to go with a veil. Also some dresses would not look half as good if you have your hair down. Work out what features you want to focus on and it will help you to make your decisions. 

Wedding dress shopping is probably one of the most exciting experiences of being a ‘bride-to-be’. 
Enjoy and don’t blink,
because it goes by quicker than you know.

Have fun! 

If you have any tips for getting the most out of the wedding dress hunt let us know at wedding@missiontietheknot.com we would love to hear from you! Or reply below.


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