What Next? 5 Things To Do After You Get Engaged


1. Book Your Venue – It is become increasingly difficult to secure a lovely venue due to the high demand and low supply! Brides often have to book 2 years in advance for the popular venues they have fallen in love with! I personally booked 15 months in advance to get my dream venue! Don’t waste time, pick up the phone and ask the event coordinator at the venue! You can even ask them to pencil in a date for you. Get them to call you if someone else is showing interest for that day. 

2. Colour Scheme – Planning a wedding is like writing an essay, you need structure! Having a colour scheme will make your planning so much easier! You can then base your venue decorations, bridesmaids dresses and flowers on the colour scheme and boom… your wedding  is planned!

3. Download Pinterest -For those of you who haven’t heard of Pinterest before it is a virtual pin-board and discovery tool. As you can imagine this will not only give you ideas about colour scheme but also new and inspiring wedding ideas! There are lots of DIY ideas floating around as well as some extravagant ideas – there is literally something for everyone! Visit www.pinterest.com today

4. Bridesmaids – Start thinking about who you want to be on your side on your big day! I know you would automatically go for your best friends but to be honest, you need a good friend who is organised and thoughtful to be with you on the day, hold your hand and wipe your tears; who’s willing to let you decide what you want without telling you what they want! Choosing your bridesmaids is a big decision don’t rush it.

StudioSarahLookbookImage3.15. Buy a notebook/wedding planning – you may think it’s excessive and unnece
ssary but trust me, you will need it to write down potential suppliers, wedding guest list and contact details of different people! We love notebooks from Studio Sarah 

Finally, enjoy, relax and be very happy, because YOU JUST GOT ENGAGED!!!!

This post dedicated to the newly engaged Jon & Rachael, Congratulations!

Rachel & Jon


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