Bridal Beauty #1: Get the Kate Middleton Bridal Look

Known for her ultimate ‘less is more’ make up, no one wears class and elegance like our princess Kate Middleton. Her bridal radiance shines through with her minimal and natural make up. If you want this look here are some of our favourite makeup products to help you.
bridal beauty #1: Get the Kate Middleton Radiant Bridal Look

1. No 28 Primer  by Hourglass – This ever-lasting Primer will be your saviour. It’s oil-free and crease-free primer creates a light and smooth layer for your foundation to sit on. It really does last at least 24 hours, even in the heat!

2. Future Skin Foundation – This gel foundation creates a light and sheer foundation, flawless yet natural. Unlike an ordinary ‘colour paste’ that liquid foundation, it is almost like tinted face cream but with more colour.

3. Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Matte Blush – The last step of your make up is usually your blush. This radiant pink is perfect for your wedding day, it creates a natural rose colour on your cheeks.

4. Boi-ing Concealer from Benefit – After your primer and foundation, use this Benefit concealer to touch up areas like under the eyes and on your freckles, it evens out your skin colour and makes the creases underneath your eyes less visible.

5. Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Loose Face Powder -Next use a large brush to apply this sheer loose powder all over your face. This loose powder is more or less colour-less so it sets your foundation very well.
Eye make up is often a tricky one for weddings. You don’t want to overdo it and you don’t want to not make a good enough effort to stand out. The soft smoky eyes is our princess’ favourite for a reason: it’s easy to create yet the effect is subtle and elegant.

6. DIOR 5 Couleurs Designer – Most brides make a mistake of using only one eye shadow colour! Did you know that Kate uses at least 5 colours in her eye make up? It’s difficult to believe isn’t it, the trick is blending the complimenting colours together to create a soft look. ALWAYS apply the light colour first and the leave the darkest until last.

7. Laura Mercier Eye Brow Duo – You can;t go wrong with Laura Mercier! After you apply your brow mascara, or if you want to skip it, you must use this eyebrow colour. It fills the gaps in your eye brows in lightly and gives you a fuller look.

8. Smudge Proof Eyeshadow base from NARS – This is your ultimate ‘must have’ item in your make up bag. It will make your eye make up stay even after a spinning class! Apply a light layer on the upper lid of your eyes before the application of eye shadow.

9. Gel Perncil Eye Liner by Shu Uemura – A good eye liner is difficult to find. On your wedding day, you want something that is going to last for a long time and yet is easy to apply and take off. Shu Uemura has done it again! This gel eye liner is extremely easy to apply and yet it does not run everywhere!

10. Full Brow Perfecting Gel by Chantecaille – Thick eye brows are definitely on trend at the moment! This brow mascara is not very ‘gluey’ and makes your eyebrows stayed tamed for the entire day. The trick is don’t over apply it!

11. Mascara Terrybly by Terry  -Thick eye lashes ares not everyone! There’s nothing more embarrassing than finding your fake eye lashes half way down your face in your wedding day! This Dior mascara has answered your prayers! It lengthens your lashes individually so  they don;t stick together!

12. Terrybly Velvet Rouge by Terry – Lip gloss should only be applied lightly, only with a brush. Otherwise you end up ruining your lip colour! Atfer applying  your lip pencil and lip stick, use only one stroke of lip gloss on each upper and lower lips!

13. Yves Saint Laurent beauty product – YSL really knows their lipstick! Not only the colour is intense, the smell of it is amazing!

14. Sisley Phyto-Levres Perfect Lip Liner – the first step is lip pencil, so your lipstick and gloss won’t ‘bleed’ out of your lips area. This sisley one is very versatile and therefore would work with any nude colour lipstick and gloss.


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