8 Sleeping Tips for the Insomniac Bride

In the olden days doing nightly Wed-min meant clasping a torch in your mouth and leafing through magazines in the dark trying not to dribble over them. Now with the brilliance of iPhones wed-min and wedding research can be accomplished at 2am with sore eyes and minimal impact on your partner slumbering peacefully. This is a big problem: the ability to research at any time of day means that it is incredibly difficult for brides to switch off.

So we have come up with 8 very different ways to help the insomniac bride fall into peaceful slumber and regain her beauty sleep.

1. 4-7-8 Breathing Technique (Our Favourite) 

Trying to slow down your breathing is the best way to fall asleep.

  1. Breathe in for 4 seconds
  2. Hold your breath for 7 seconds 
  3. Then exhale for 8 seconds

How it works: People who are stressed tend to have a higher heart rate with higher levels of adrenaline and take shorter and shallower breaths. This technique will slow down your heart rate and introduce a higher level of oxygen to your bloodstream which will make you feel sleepy.  This is definitely our most effective solution.

2. Rescue remedy

I am a huge skeptic over herbal remedies. However after I got some Rescue Remedy thrust into my hands during a serious organization related panic on my wedding morning-  I am now a big advocate of their calming properties.Rescue Reedy

The herbal bit from Bach Rescue Remedy:

“The 38 flower essences Dr Bach discovered are made from a variety of wild plants, trees and bushes and each of the 38 essences relates to a different emotional state that everyone will experience from time to time. Bach™ Original Flower Remedies are a gentle system, which capture the positive mood of flowers allowing us to rediscover the positive side of ourselves. “

Bit wishy washy I know but somehow they do seem to mellow you out!

Rescue Remedy comes in many different forms but I am sucker for the Bach Rescue Pastilles  that come in a little handbag-friendly tin! They use the same ingredients as Rescue Remedy.

Buy at Boots Rescue Remedy Pastilles from Boots

3. Open a Window

Your body cools down when you go to sleep so opening a window is a great way to trick yourself to sleep. Not to mention if you have been trying to sleep for hours a drop in temperature will give you oppourunity to snuggle up in your sheets again.

4. Counting Sheepsheep

Silly, I know but this old tradition is a legitimate way to help you escape whatever thoughts are buzzing away in your head.  If fence jumping sheep are seem dull why not jazz it up! Have some parachuting over the fence or digging underneath. Thinking of creative ways to get those sheep over the fence is a sure way to step away from your wedding thoughts. What is further away from wedding planning than sheep jumping over a fence? Unless you have a country wedding, maybe!

5. Picture your dream bed

Meditation can be a real technique to have in your back pocket for stressful situations. Try to imagine yourself in a bed in a peaceful setting. Imagine your bed surrounded by tropical waters or floating high in the clouds. Though if you are sacred of heights this may not help! imagining your bed gives more immediacy to the meditation and should be more effective.

If you plan ahead…

The following tips may not help you when it is the small hours of the morning and you are desperately hunting for ways to fall asleep but they are useful when planning in advance. Bear them in mind for future restless nights! 

6. Adult Colouring Books

We are still test running this new craze of adult colouring books. Marketed for their calming properties there ar978075226562997817806748729781782434078e good arguments for why these books would help you fall asleep but beware! As they have grown more popular the designs have grown more elaborate. I bought one filled with intricate fairytale settings and found myself obsessed with doing the perfect colour coordinating for the Disney effect. So for me it was more of an exercise in perfection than a relaxing switch off. But it was distracting! However pages dominated by repeat patterns of geometric shapes may work for you. If your partner is a light sleeper he may not appreciate the light you have on in bed and the clinking of colouring pencils. Le fiancée may not be happy when he wakes to find a felt tip poking him in the bum! (Guilty face!)😳 Adult colouing books are easily found at bookstores or online here are a few of our recommendations.

7. Sleepy Soak in the Tub

Baths are a great way to trick yourself into sleepiness. When you get out of your nice hot bath your body cools down rapidly which is what happens when you fall asleep naturally.  So get the salts salts out and have a soak before bed time!

8. Last but not least… Pop one of those herbal sleeping tabletsUntitled-1

Obviously for this remedy to work you need to have planned for this and bought some from the shops! We recommend only herbal tablets such as Nytol, reliance on sleeping tablets is unwise and will not help you with your self control to switch off. However we live in the real world and recognise there are times that call for desperate measures. Like that meeting in the morning that you really don’t want to do on 4 hours sleep. Of course, wedding planning is not a good enough excuse for poor business performance!  If you are nervous about taking sleeping tablets even nibbling half of one can help, whether for real or for the placebo effect.

Do you have any tips for getting to sleep or wives tales that work for you? Let us know, please feel free to post them in the comments below.


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